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A new location-based strategy game for Android.

Take the role of a god of a fantasy realm, involved in an ongoing battle for control against players from competing factions. Influence The Land by placing buildings and units, winning control over regions, and destroying the buildings and units of enemies directly using god-like powers, or indirectly with army-units. The Land overlaps geographically with Earth, and most of what you can do is restricted to a circle of influence centered on your actual location.

Key features:

  • Unique and original fantasy-themed augmented reality game
  • Area-control gameplay based on buildings and mobile units
  • Three competing player-factions, plus neutral Barbarians
  • Lots of depth and complexity with a shallow learning curve
  • An opportunity to get involved with something different!
  • Many concepts familiar to Ingress / Pokemon Go players
  • Android only (during test phases - iOS version is planned)

The Land is currently in a second-phase Alpha Test stage, but it's open to anyone (with a player number cap that we haven't yet hit).

To play, just sign up then download from the Google Play Store (you DO have to sign up before downloading).

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